DJ CyberSimo
Dj cyberSimo is one of the most eclectic top Italian deejays. He started mixing in the mid 80s spinning a pair of technics and playing in local radios. He began to play in clubs at the end of 1991 in a famous Italian club called Ciucheba (Castiglioncello, Li) . Since then almost 50 consolles have seen CyberSimo playing and many people hands up for him. Though he usually plays in Italy, in the past he made some gig in Ibiza and London. CyberSimo wants to bring people to feel clearly all their emotions so that they can forget their problems even if only for a moment. He usually plays House, mainstream, soulful and deep music. He likes trance music very much but knows that making a gig in a club with this kind of music in Italy is quite hard. He's currently playing in several top clubs around Italy (for example at "La Capannina di Franceschi", one of the best Italian Club) and hosting some succesfull radio shows and podcasts. You can find more up to date information about his activities on his personal page on facebook. You can find some of cybersimo's sounds on his mixcloud pages ( where you can also listen the last live mix and its podcast. He released two lounge compilations : one called Sunset emotion which is available from FKJ records and one on Jamendo available as CC. He released his productions in association with "move your body record" an Italian Label.

DJ Save-T about himself:
Deejay since the age of 13 years for passion that has matured over time, until now I always carry it with me and I always try to express myself in what I do but above all to transmit it. I started with the big Technics 1200 (I love vinyl) and continued today with the digital era. I worked and collaborated in many trendy clubs and parties organized by staff of success; Today the passion goes on even in Radio (FM and online), the programs are broadcast nationally and internationally ... I remind you that it's just passion for music ...

Dance Party Club
Dance Party Club is the international radioshow that takes you into another dimension, a dimension of music and fun.
The best and most exciting dance music choice among the hits of the moment and those who may will dance in the near future.
The dance party Club residents are the top djs' Save-T and CyberSimo, and they will guide the consolle with the freshest hit directly by the most beautiful European dancefloor. Each episode is composed by a resident DJ wich is open dancing and a super weekly guest with its own set of 30 minutes directly from its playlist, just like a club. Its completely speechless format and English jingles  makes it perfect to be broadcast each week from your favorite radio station or listen to it anywhere you want to find yourself suddenly in the best disco in town. You can listen Dance Party Club, in one of the radio listed in the radio section of this website or podcasts and iTunes or Mixcloud. Dance Party Club will have you dancing wherever you are.